Signature Chef’s Auction

It’s all about the babies.



March of Dimes


Gaslight Creative




2014 District ADDY Gold Award
2014 National ADDY Silver Award

Roughly half a million babies are born premature or with birth defects in the U.S. each year.

That’s at least half a million reasons why the charity March of Dimes holds its
Signature Chef’s Auction every year. The event is an annual black-tie gala where chefs donate their signature dishes while guests participate in a live auction. It’s the charity’s flagship event that ensures every dime, cent and penny go towards preventing premature births.

As the fundraiser had been running for multiple years, March of Dimes needed a fresh campaign look and feel that would rejuvenate the event and inspire participation. Not only did the new visuals need to work throughout the communications, but they also needed to flow into the decor of the night itself.

Taking inspiration from the curves of a hand-drawn signature, we employed the ancient art of quilling to form our key visual.

By using the shape of a steaming cooking pot, we were able to combine ‘chef’s auction’ and ‘signature’ in one beautiful design that chimed perfectly with the prestige of the night.

In addition to appearing on posters, invitations and in digital presentations, the quilled piece fed into a sophisticated themed decor scheme that took centre stage at the event as well. Making it a night to remember for attendees as well as those whose lives it saved.

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